Rent a tube

If it’s a slow day you really might not need to, but if you want to skip the first line at most tube rides, it will be well worth it. Rent tubes at the Litly Pad Store across from the main entrance, then take your tube armbands to the tube station to pick up your rental tube.

Try the funnel cake

We have customers come in at the end of the day just to grab a funnel cake, ask anyone who’s had one, their delicious!

Rent a free life vest

Wet ‘N’ Wild provides free life vests at the Lily Pad store, additionally life vests are provided for those who need them at the entrance to the wave pool. Here’s some helpful hints on how to choose the right life vest.

Rent a cabana

If you’re looking for greater comfort or just want to be sure you have the room you need on a busy day rent a cabana

Come on a weekday

Besides squirrels, funnel cakes, and the Screamer Wet N Wild is famous for weekend crowds, if you love people watching that might be great but if you’d rather have the place to yourself come on a Monday – Thursday. Another reason to come Monday – Thursday if that you can often find a good discount, just call and ask. 1.915.886.2222 But keep in mind park hours change between weekdays, weekends and most holidays, here’s a video for a full

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