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Slippery Rock Challenge

Free climb without fear, but don’t be deceived, few make it to the top of this challenge; compete with friends to see who can climb the highest. Ride Rules 

Beach Volleyball Courts

Perfect for family reunions and company picnics; complete with professional boundaries; get a volleyball from the front office with the deposit of an ID; pickup games happen every afternoon.

Family in wet n wild water world

Jaguar Falls

Everything is more fun when you do it together! Convince your friends or family to experience a rush of adrenaline, but grab on tight it’s a wild ride! Ride Rules

Wet' N' Wild Water park Wave Island Wave Pool

Wild Island Wave Pool

Welcome to the largest wave pool in Texas! Have a blast with family or friends bobbing up and down on the waves in the deep end, while the beach is a perfect play place for toddlers. Life vests available upon request at the entry. Ride Rules

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