About this Attraction:

Moderate speed: with unexpected movements and unusual and stressful physical forces. This ride may contain unanticipated thrills. This ride is appropriate for only the most healthy and physically able and athletic riders.

Deep water: good swimmers only!

Ride Requirements:

Using this ride requires your active participation. Injury may occur while participating in these activities.

Only one person allowed on the ride at a time.

Ride Restrictions:

Do not use this ride if you weigh over 250lbs. No lifevest or waterwings permitted. It is recommended that eyeglasses not be worn. If worn use eyeglass strap. Loose jewelry and rings are not permitted.

Expectant mothers and guests with weak hearts, back or neck ailments, claustrophobia, or other physical or psychological limitations are prohibited.

Failure to follow all rules and lifeguard instructions can cause serious injury to you and others.

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