About this Attraction:

Moderate speeds with unexpected and unusual and stressful physical forces. This ride may contain unanticipated thrills. Two to four riders at a time per raft, maximum 500lbs. One raft at a time. Wait for the lifeguard to tell you when you go. Step onto raft carefully and sit fully seated with your back against the tube. Hold handles with both hands. You must maintain the above body position until you enter the catch-pool.

Ride Requirements:

Using this ride requires your active participation. Medium athletic ability is required. Failure to follow all rules and lifeguard instruction can cause serious injury to you and others. You must be at least 42 inches to ride Jaguar Falls. Shoes may be worn on this ride. If you accidentally fall out of the raft, continue down the slide without it and exit normally. At the end of the ride, stay in the raft until directed by lifeguard to exit.

Ride Restrictions:

Loose jewelry is not permitted. It is recommended that eyeglasses not be worn, if worn use eyeglass strap. Expectant mothers and guest with heart conditions or back or neck troubles, or other physical limitations, are prohibited. No chains allowed. Maximum pool depth is 3ft deep. Do not jump or dive from raft into pool. 

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