jobs in texas wet n wild water world season 2020 apply today

Download the application from the link above! Admissions, Lifeguard, or Water Technicians are some jobs available. Gain new skills and experience opportunities with us.

How we Hire:

– Applicants must be at least 16 years old by    the first weekend in May
– Submit ONE application, and rank your choices 1, 2 and 3
– Leave all ways to get in contact with you: cell phone, email, home phone. Our management team will contact you if you appear to match their hiring needs .

Benefits include:

– Free and Discounted Admission for Family & Friends
– Flexible Scheduling
– Great Promotion and Career Job Skill Opportunities
– End of Season Bonus
– Thousands of Dollars in Scholarships Awarded

Equal Opportunity Employment

Our company is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on any legally-recognized basis [“protected class”] including, but not limited to: veteran status, uniform service member status, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability or any other protected class under federal, state or local law.

                                                                                           2020 Job Descriptions

LIFEGUARD WATER SAFETY TEAM $8-$12 / Hour plus bonuses

If the thought of saving lives brings out your inner hero, join our World Class lifeguarding team this summer! You’ll learn how to perform water rescues along with basic first aid and CPR: skills you’ll use for life. Get paid for a job you’re proud of! No experience needed, just attend one of our NASCO Lifeguard Training courses . The 3-day classes will be held from late February to late April.

ADMISSIONS & LILY PAD RETAIL TEAMS $7.25-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

Are you a people person? Do you love being on the money? The day will go by in a flash welcoming everyone looking forward to their day of fun in the sun as part of our Admissions team, whether that’s cashiering or putting on wristbands and doing bag & cooler checks. Your help in getting people the Lily Pad items and rentals they need will make your summer job experience with our retail team priceless.

PARKING & RENTALS SUPPORT TEAMS $7.25-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

Logistics and radio communication are what keep traffic flowing in our 20+ acre parking lots. If you’re quick on your feet, you’ll be the driving force behind getting everyone parked efficiently where they need to be, when they need to be. You’ll also tone up your muscles in rentals support, helping hand out rental tubes and facilitating people getting their charcoal rental grills.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE TEAM $7.25 -$9 / Hour plus bonuses

Do you have an appetite for fun food and beguiling beverages? Whether you’re frying, grilling, pouring, serving or selling, you’ll be surrounded by great food and happy eaters all over the park in our Ribbit Café, catering, and fountain beverage stations. Everyone loves the cook, so join our food-tastic team today!

MAINTENANCE AND PARK SERVICES $9-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

Leave a sparkle and shine wherever you go! From raking leaves and hauling trash, getting the job done is number one for you. You’re there at dawn, go home for some downtime, and return when the park is ready to close in the evening when you’re on our maintenance team.

EMT & First Aid Team $9-$12 / Hour plus bonuses

Safety comes first here at the park and our EMT team helps make sure everyone can

enjoy the day safely. You’ll be responsible for taking care of all the bumps and bruises

that come from a day of fun. EMT Basic and Intermediate positions available.


Cash Control Team $8.50-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

Are you good with numbers and accounting? Then join this small team and help keep

track of every nickel and dime that comes through the gate. A basic math test is

required, but then you’ll be off to solving number mysteries in no time.


IT Team $8.50-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

Computers, cameras, and cables – Oh My! This team helps keep all the tech in the park

working in tip top shape. If information systems, troubleshooting and hardware are your

passion you’ll get far in our IT team.


Social Media Team Intern – $10 / Hour plus bonuses

Free your inner social butterfly in our social media team. You’ll be responsible for

making all types of creative social media content from videos, photos, blogs, and more.

This position works closely with other team members and requires great people skills.

Think you have what it takes?


Art & Theming Team $9-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

Bring the magic of a water theme park to life as one of our art and theming team

members. From painting and polishing to sculpting and sanding, you’ll help bring bigger-

than-life structures into reality on this team. Use those muscles to create a kid’s dream!


Pool Maintenance Team $7.25-$8 / Hour plus bonuses


If you’re an early riser and love the peace and quiet of a water wonderland, then our

pool maintenance team is for you. This team arrives before sunrise to prep all the pools

for the day including sweeping, cleaning, and skimming every pool. And the best way to

start the morning is to jump right in!


Water Quality Technician Team $9-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

This team is what keeps Wet ‘n’ Wild’s water attractions clean and running smoothly

during the day. You’ll help keep the water balanced and the rides humming by adjusting

chemical levels, taking water samples, and keeping all ride and filter motors up and



Landscaping Team $9-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

With over 500 mature shade trees and hundreds of amazing plants, our landscaping

team members are the unsung heroes of the waterpark. You’ll be responsible for setting

up and maintaining sprinkler systems, tending to overgrowth, and using water recycling



Construction Team $9-$12 / Hour plus bonuses

Annual improvements mean annual construction. If you’ve got experience in

construction, you’ll enjoy being part of this innovating and evolving team, building

everything from shade structures to big new attractions!


Bathroom Team $9-$10 / Hour plus bonuses

If keeping everything clean and tidy is your thing, you’ll be helping our guests by

stocking paper and liquid soap, polishing chrome and sanitizing porcelain on our

bathrooms team.

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